S? About SOTW

Hosted by Columbia neuroscientist Baihan Lin, "Science On The Way" is a fun podcast featuring coffee chats with scientists about their active research and beyond. Learn about the freshest first hand experience of a unique scientist about his or her journey into the frontiers of unknowns about human minds, illuminating fishes, string theories, riemann geometry, bacteria in flowers, soft robotics, DNA storage and many more. New perspectives into new science these conversations bring you, through the lens of a curious mind.

About your host:

Baihan Lin is a neuroscientist and machine learning researcher at Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute in Columbia University. His current research interest is modeling multiscale systems and complex networks with machine learning, geometric topology and dynamical systems. His research helps understand the neural systems and cognitive processes of biological brains in their healthy and abnormal states, and construct a mechanistic theory of deep neural networks.

Other than fundamental research, he maintains close collaborations with IBM, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon on important industrial and engineering problems by developing neuroscience-related or -inspired algorithms for computer vision, speech recognition, natural language processing, system security, computational psychiatry, personalized medicine and computational genomics domains.

According to the Google Scholar, he has authored 25+ publications with an H-index of 10+ on and served as program committees or reviewers for IJCAI, AAMAS, INTERSPEECH, AISTATS, NeurIPS, CVPR, ICCV, KDD, ICLR, ICML, AAAI, and MICCAI, etc., as well as journals including Nature Scientific Reports, PLOS ONE, JACS, J Infect, Entropy, Adv Complex Syst, IEEE Trans Knowl Data Eng, Comput Commun, Front Artif Intell, Front Comp Neuro and Front Robot AI etc..